How far are you willing to go for a chance to experience the danger of being blackmailed and controlled by Me? Just imagine yourself as My tortured toy that I can manipulate in any way I please. Blackmail is not right for weak sub wannabes, this type of Extreme Domination is for the slave that needs to be completely owned by ME so badly that he is willing to risk destruction. If you are stupid enough to surrender yourself to MY cruel game of blackmail you will become as helpless as a puppet dangling from a string!

I will torment you just to watch you squirm for MY own sick and twisted amusement. Think of the fun we can have. Ha-ha!

I am a fair and honourable Mistress and I do evaluate potential blackmail slaves on an individual basis before giving orders and I do not set you up to fail. I give simple commands that any fucking idiot could follow. If you’re too stupid to obey and apply to be blackmailed by Me anyway then that’s your problem, now isn’t it? Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and just in case you’re wondering… No this is not fantasy blackmail roleplay this is true blackmail reality!

Now remember one last thing before your email your blackmail application begging to sign your own death warrant! You will do as I command, or you will find yourself the victim of My coldly cruel and vicious wrath. I promise it’s much safer and much more fun to keep Me happily amused and pleased! If you cannot obey do not apply. It’s that simple. Don’t forget the old saying… hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if you piss Me off you may lose everything you hold dear. I think that should be enough incentive for you weak boys who just can’t seem to serve properly due to your own stupid selfish needs. Don’t you agree My pet?

Blackmail eliminates all doubt as to who completely and totally pulls your little puppet strings, and before your email Me you better make sure you have no doubts!

Blackmail aelaamethyst

Now it’s time for you to earn your place at My feet! I know how badly you want to be truly owned by Me. You can’t help yourself, can you? Ha-ha! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist!

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